A Plain Cap Table Template

There is a ton of cap table templates out there, as well as various sophisticated solutions for cap table management. Still, chances are you have wasted an unreasonable amount of time putting together some financing scenarios for your company, or, even worse, you ended up with errors along the way.

Here is a Plain Cap Table Template to help you get the job done right and fast. All it does is the following: it takes a few inputs and shows you how your cap table will look like after your next fundraising round.

More specifically, you need to enter the number of shares each founder and investor (if any) currently holds, as well as the total figure of allocated and unallocated options (the number of options you have already granted or promised to employees, versus those that you have not).

With regards to the new round, fill up amounts to be contributed by each investor, percentage of unallocated option pool to remain available after the round, as well as the fully-diluted pre-money valuation. And that’s about it.

The spreadsheet will calculate your cap table after the round, so you can play around with the numbers and see what works for you best. To keep things simple, we have made a number of assumptions; for example, the company has no outstanding convertible loans, and the new round will also be an equity one.

The template does not constitute legal advice by any means. It’s not rocket science either (rather a 2×2 linear system…). Still, it may come handy when time is due – feel free to hit File > Make a copy, and put it at work. Plus, best of luck with your round!