Podcast Episode 18: Micromobility, Autonomy & EVs

This podcast features Timothy Papandreou, an experienced transportation professional with gigs at places like Waymo and the SFMTA. We are discussing everything EVs, autonomy and micro-mobility without falling for the hype. What are the impediments, opportunities, cultural obstacles and where will we see the first applications of autonomy. What are the opportunities for startups? What realistic timelines look like? Timothy is a great thinker and has a vast background touching regulation, government, and industry. A must-listen for everyone interested in the transformation of transportation.

Berlin Greeks in Tech #2

🗓Tuesday, November 26th at 18:30
📍The Place Berlin – ground floor bar, Charlottenstraße 2, Berlin
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We are back in Berlin, in our quest to meet with Greek founders and technologists around Europe. Beers are on us!

The recipe is simple: Engineers, founders, marketers, business developers, investors, designers –the list goes on, you know who you are– under the same roof, having drinks and networking with each other!

We believe magic happens when relevant people who are doing great things are connected. Plus, we like to have coffee with our peers, old and new.

If you are a Greek, living in Berlin and working in tech, do not think twice – spread the word and come join us!

Podcast Episode 17: Fireside chat with Costa Tsaousi, founder at Netdata

This podcast was recorded live at OpenCoffee #105. Costa is the founder of Netdata, our largest investment to date. You can read here our rationale behind our involvement with the company.

In this podcast we discuss the history of the project, managing a large open source community, the challenges of remote work and the spectacular fundraising success behind the company.

Moving monitoring to the edge with Netdata

We are thrilled to publicly announce our investment in Netdata, a company on a mission to reinvent monitoring for the edge computing age. A visit to their Github page speaks for itself. Netdata is one of the most adopted monitoring solutions in the world right now. It is being installed over half a million times every day!

Costa Tsaousis, the founder of Netdata, reached out to us in the summer of 2018. We were taken by surprise as we had never seen anything comparable. The growth was and is off the charts, the community is raving and we found users of Netdata at pretty much all major technology companies, government agencies, universities and home labs. On top of that, Costa wasn’t a first-timer. He has been a seasoned C-level executive, well-versed to perform in the board room, and equally at ease writing low-level C code. It seems he has a strong affinity for the letter C.

Netdata is a distributed, real-time, open-source health and performance monitoring solution for systems and applications. The optimized monitoring agent installs in seconds and auto-detects thousands of metrics from popular applications, web servers, databases, containers, Kubernetes clusters, and IoT sensor data. Interactive visualizations and hundreds of valuable alarms give developers and system administrators instant insights without wasting time on configuration. Netdata makes monitoring native to the systems it monitors, rather than being an afterthought. Netdata is truly serverless monitoring!

Costa’s profound idea was immediately embraced by the community. When the project debuted at Github in 2016, it became one of the top 20 trending projects of the year on the platform. It currently ranks as the 3rd most popular project in the broader Cloud Native landscape. Currently, Netdata is used by over a million and a half people across the world!

As a former entrepreneur in the broader monitoring space, and having felt the pain of scaling monitoring systems, Netdata immediately struck a chord. We concluded the first seed round in September 2018. Shortly after, Bain Capital Ventures joined a seed round extension. Similarly to its traction in the developer/IT community, Netdata quickly became one of the most sought-after startups. 

We are extremely pleased to have Salil Deshpande as a fellow co-investor and board member in Netdata. Salil is not a stranger to open source companies. He is an early investor in DynaTrace, SysDig, Redis Labs, MuleSoft, DataStax, SpringSource, Sonatype, Quantum Metric, and many others, and has been featured on the Forbes Midas List of the 100 best performing VCs for the past seven years in a row.

Today, we are announcing a $17M Series A round of Netdata, led by Bain Capital Ventures and joined by Marathon. We are working on a super ambitious roadmap that will change monitoring to its core, propelled by the distributed nature of Netdata. Netdata is a remote-first organization, hiring engineers with an obsession for high performant and highly efficient software. At the same time, we are building two hubs, one in Silicon Valley, where we are actively recruiting for marketing and product talent, and one in Greece, where a large chunk of our R&D activities takes place.

👉Check out the open opportunities here.