Helping Enterprises Perform with Cube Revenue Management

A typical sales quote of, say, a medical devices company to a hospital typically includes thousands of different products. Salespeople on the field face the same challenge every day: How do they get pricing right and configure such quotes fast?

Making sure each quote has high chances of getting selected without leaving money on the table is a core part of the challenge. It goes further: Quotes must comply with strict approval processes and an increasing set of rules and policies, both internal and external to the company (e.g., rebates, regulation, etc.).

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Marathon Completes Second Closing, Increases Fund Size to €32m

We are pleased to announce the completion of Marathon’s second closing. Equifund and the European Investment Fund are now part of our mission, alongside a number of new backers including National Bank of Greece.

Leveraging our enthusiastic reception by entrepreneurs from around the world, we aim to make good use of the extended capacity by doubling down on our strategy. In Marathon’s quest to help ambitious founders build world-class companies, the bar is now higher, and our journey is just beginning.

Taming Streaming Data with Lenses by Landoop

During my tenure as a Product Manager at Splunk, I had the chance to meet with several Fortune 500 customers who wanted to create a central data transfer backbone. Their goal was to be able to swap or add new destinations for their data, like a warehouse, an application consumer, or a solution like Splunk. Such a backbone would allow IT or other stakeholders to mix and match different technologies without any changes in the most dreaded part of a pipeline, the ingestion layer. More often than not, that backbone is Apache Kafka and its usage has been championed by several high profile tech companies, like LinkedIn -the creators of the project- or Netflix.

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