Podcast Episode 18: Micromobility, Autonomy & EVs

This podcast features Timothy Papandreou, an experienced transportation professional with gigs at places like Waymo and the SFMTA. We are discussing everything EVs, autonomy and micro-mobility without falling for the hype. What are the impediments, opportunities, cultural obstacles and where will we see the first applications of autonomy. What are the opportunities for startups? What realistic timelines look like? Timothy is a great thinker and has a vast background touching regulation, government, and industry. A must-listen for everyone interested in the transformation of transportation.

Podcast Episode 14: The engineering story of Strava

The engineering story of Strava, from a team of 3 to a breakaway success with Panayiotis Thomakos. We are discussing challenges and solutions and touch topics like monitoring, feature flags, continuous integration, localization (shootout to Transifex) but also team evolution, product management, and data analytics.

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