Podcast Episode 14: The engineering story of Strava

The engineering story of Strava, from a team of 3 to a breakaway success with Panayiotis Thomakos. We are discussing challenges and solutions and touch topics like monitoring, feature flags, continuous integration, localization (shootout to Transifex) but also team evolution, product management, and data analytics.

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Podcast Episode 11: Cybersecurity A-Z, from micro-architecture bugs to cyber warfare

Super excited to host Vasileios Kemerlis, assistant professor at Brown University, in our latest podcast discussing the A-Z of Cybersecurity. Vasileios is a true security researcher & practitioner.  Together we are discussing the basic concepts of cybersecurity covering topics such as social engineering, protocol bug, vector attacks, anomaly detection, hardware verification, the latest exploits known as #spectre and #meltdown and even cover topics as cyber welfare and state-sponsored attacks. This podcast is not to be missed!