Podcast Episode 11: Cybersecurity A-Z, from micro-architecture bugs to cyber warfare

Super excited to host Vasileios Kemerlis, assistant professor at Brown University, in our latest podcast discussing the A-Z of Cybersecurity. Vasileios is a true security researcher & practitioner.  Together we are discussing the basic concepts of cybersecurity covering topics such as social engineering, protocol bug, vector attacks, anomaly detection, hardware verification, the latest exploits known as #spectre and #meltdown and even cover topics as cyber welfare and state-sponsored attacks. This podcast is not to be missed!

Podcast 7: AI, ML, Data traps & Conciousness

In the podcast, we are discussing with AI researcher & entrepreneur Stavros Vassos. We talk briefly through the evolution in AI and focus on Machine Learning. We explain the different strategies to train a system, the various application and how the training data can ruin an AI system. We close the podcast with a very interesting discussion on intelligence versus consciousness, is the latter necessary?