Rule 2: Our Network shapes us

When the people you are connected to become better connected, it reduces the number of hops you have to take from person to person to reach everyone else in the network. You become more central.

Did you ever wonder how is it possible for some entrepreneurs to start a company, raise money asap and have huge exits within a few years or even months? First of all, this is a rare case. It shouldn’t be your benchmark. Let’s move on to see why this is doable for some and let’s be straight up front: it’s not about deep knowledge, inspiring leadership & perfect execution skills. You can find thousands of people with all or some of these traits. Perhaps you can find the sharpest operators in Germany or Japan, the most inspiring leaders in the world of sports and many academics with deep knowledge, teaching in universities all around the world.

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Rule 1: We shape our Network

Humans deliberately make and remake their social networks all the time. The primary example of this is homophily, the conscious or unconscious tendency to associate with people who resemble us (the word literally means “love of being alike”). But we also choose the structure of our networks in three important ways.

In the previous post, I explained how in 2009 the Greek startup enthusiasts created a new network around entrepreneurship. Essentially, we practiced homophily, as described above. Through that network we met our cofounders, our investors.

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Writing & Networking

It has been a very long time since the last time I wrote anything in the public domain. The last time I did so was when I was running BugSense in order to achieve one singular goal: spread the word about our product. Essentially, that meant to either propagate a message to our network of customers, potentials hires, competitors, investors and media or add more nodes to this network: new customers, new hires, new investors, new contacts at the media.

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