Standard Employment and Contractor Agreements

Today we are making public two legal documents that are amongst the most sought after by any founder: the Standard Employment Agreement and the Standard Independent Contractor Agreement. These documents define the relationship between each employee / contractor and the company; they need to be signed by both parties before any working relationship is established.

Typical terms, ranging from employee duties, compensation and benefits to intellectual property rights and termination, are well-defined within these agreements. Both documents are written in English and governed by Greek law. In particular, the agreements apply to any type of company incorporated in Greece, including Greek Private Company (‘IKE’) and Greek branches or subsidiaries, while they cover both working from the company’s offices and remotely.

We believe the Standard Employment and Contractor Agreements provide for a balanced relationship between an early-stage technology company and its employees, safeguarding interests on both sides. If you are an entrepreneur or a market participant with relevant interests, feel free to download and put them in good use!

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